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Real Estates Seminars

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Luxury Real EstateThe luxury real estates are attractive for the customers, but also highly attractive for the agents. Definitely if you want to buy and sell real estates, you should trust agent for the whole deal, who will lead you through view of homes, offers and etc. There are a lot of beautiful and attractive properties, which have great architecture, beautiful design and interior related to the latest fashion trends. If you want to learn how to buy and sell real estates, definitely can visit mike ferry seminars, where you will learn a lot about the offers and subtleties in the buying and selling of houses. The seminars will inform you about the latest trends in real estates architecture, also with the best selling destinations and of course the best investments on the market as well. Definitely the luxury real estates are great investment and you can make the deal of your life with buying and selling such houses. From the seminars you will be well informed about everything related to real estates and also will be aware for the dangerous and traps of some investments. So if you want to know all about real estates and make the right investments, definitely should visit some of the mike ferry seminars.

Luxury house with cozy interior

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Luxury house real-estatesThis house shows that modern homes are cozy and beautiful. Designed by architect Steve Kent and is located in Santa Monica, California. The whole style of the house is quite minimalist, but its form – very simple. All rooms overlook the pool and are built with great design. Highlight the various works of art that make them original and interesting. Although the house is not large, has all the rooms necessary for modern life, including an open living area and home theater. The facade would suggest that the house was owned by a cold and gloomy man, though the rest of the house shows the opposite.
The house is really nice looking, very cozy and luxury. The style is amazing the luxury outside pool is making the exterior really boutique and fresh.

Moon House in South Africa

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Moon HouseSouth Africa proved the world that is beautiful country with modern architecture. One piece of evidence – the house designed by Saota in Kemps Bay, known as the Lunar House.
The architects have staked a minimalist design, layout and limited linear range of materials for the interior. But the result is stunning. The house is spectacular 270-degree views of the Atlantic, thanks to French windows that provide maximum flow and natural light during the day. For the night did the designers have set up a modern and innovative lighting system. Hence the name of the house. And set the house proves its fame as one of the most beautiful and futuristic architectural edifices in the world. Certainly such beauty can be expressed quite difficult in short words, but certainly the photos show it all much better.

Luxury House Casa Michelle

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Casa MichelleThe famous architect Edgar Marin is the author of Casa Michelle in Mexico. Positioned in a residential area with a warm tropical climate, the building is designed to be open to the outside world with a large window, protected from the sun in the region. The house is entered through a double height foyer, which is naturally lit through holes in the wall that serves as insulation. In the construction of this project used some local materials like wood and stone. The second floor has a terrace with a Jacuzzi, so that owners can enjoy not only the pool water. The first and second floor are connected by corridors with multiple asymmetrically arranged windows. Really the interior and architecture is amazing, combining fashion, future and passion. The architecture created this building to be really the paradise of summer in Mexico. The house has beautiful view to the sea, which is making it quite more attractive. The large pool in front of it, really finished the summer style of the luxury house.

The architect of the Luxury

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Lux ArchitectClive Christian is a man invented a philosophy of luxury and luxury only ever recreate in philosophy. As one of the most famous architects, is often referred to as the Briton, who reminded the world that England remains a country of interior design. Clive Christian is an artist – unique perfumes, masterpieces in the interior, new styles, new works of art. One thing is clear, the man remains forever in love with the sign of opulence and glory. The last child of a biochemist and an actress, Clive is infected first by the style of Scotland, then the beauty of Britain. Beginning of the Christian begins to fame when he made one of the first ergonomic kitchens in the world. Follows the brilliance of the Victorian era, which he revived, to make it the ultimate fashion to details such as eccentric royal chandelier in the kitchen and bathroom. While the style does not Alpha, who becomes a charismatic architect of luxury. Inspired by the decadent atmosphere in the films of Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”, combined with the dramatic luxury of the “Ball of Dodges”, Christian created a truly modern masterpiece and the first to apply it somewhere is repaired in a world-famous British design house. The unique framework of each piece of furniture Alpha embraces a preferred material is walnut. Famous curves characteristic of the style of Christian giving ghost flying type of design. Furniture tread on the lion’s feet, chandeliers are smoked crystal, platinum, you are in the kitchen, which through a unique technology to see the moon and stars.

Most beautiful building in London

Monday, October 12th, 2009

London BuildingThere is another real estate to see where you are in London but the palace and parliament. These days, officially the most beautiful building in London is that of Southbank. London’s largest bank will open in a unique building in the form of a diamond with a mirror finish, spray the sun, which can be seen from anywhere in the city of Her Majesty. 18-story building is a work of architectural firm Sheppard Robson and is built as a diamond in honor of the bank, which boasts the most solid of Britain. Designed in mirror finish, the new bank building shines in a kaleidoscope of colors and is built on eco-principle. Southbank competing views from every hotel and terraces where customers can resting on a cup of English tea offered by the Thames vista that surrounds the building in the shape of a diamond. The project is about more than 100 million pounds, and is now officially the new building at Southbank has been called the most beautiful buildings in London.

Light House

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Light HouseArchitectural Design Studio Tony Owen Partners present home in Sydney, Australia, designed to demonstrate the advantages of concrete. Naturally, the owner is a manufacturer of concrete plans to build a house for himself, so the result shows all the benefits of solid construction. Due to the specific design of the property was carried out with materials and forms typical of Mediterranean-type architecture. The shape of the facade reminiscent of a sail vessel from the Greek Islands. Together with the strong desire of the client was to have as many conjunction with external open space. Yet the inquiry was to design a unique and economical home. The house is located in the barrier and the integration of different modules and levels to be better integration. Founded in L-shape in order to have maximum light and heat. The central courtyard is oriented west, allowing light to penetrate to the middle of the house and break a unique burden on the facade. Face of the house is open to the elements of the staircase. The original idea for this came from a James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again (1983).
These stairs bordering the central courtyard and the entrance is always rinsing in light and connect the different levels of sculptors like element. White walls of the facade were again driven by the idea of water sports. Say they soften the austerity of concrete, like un-materialized house and make vertical and horizontal levels seem ethereal.